Terms & Conditions

Gift Vouchers, Credit Vouchers and Discount Vouchers

In the following terms & conditions “the Photographer” shall mean Sarah Walton trading as Sarah Walton Photography. “The Client(s)” shall be those persons using the photographic services of Sarah Walton Photography. These terms and conditions cannot be varied in any way by the Client(s) unless such conditions are expressly agreed by the Photographer in writing.

Terms & Conditions of use.

Gift Vouchers general Terms & Conditions; Your gift voucher is issued by, and remains the property of, Sarah Walton Photography. It must be kept in a safe place and presented at the time of booking your photography session (either by phone picture, email or in person) to verify that you are the gift voucher holder. All photography sessions must be scheduled at least 2 weeks in advance, and are based on photographer availability. The photography session is to be held at a time and location agreed to by the photographer. The location must be either at our studio in Steeton, or within 20 miles of BD20 6RL, otherwise reasonable travel charges may apply. Gift vouchers are valid for a period of 12 months from the date of issue and the session must be booked for a date within this 12 month period. Gift vouchers can only be used at Sarah Walton Photography for photographic services and/or products as described on the voucher, no substitutes or alternatives are allowed. Gift vouchers can only be used once and you may not exchange your gift voucher for cash. We are not responsible for lost or stolen vouchers and replacement is at the sole discretion of Sarah Walton Photography. Refunds will not be given for a gift voucher. Only the original gift voucher is accepted and a damaged voucher may not be accepted. Gift vouchers cannot be used in conjunction with any other vouchers or offers and are non-transferable. You may not sell your gift voucher and it may not be used in sales or promotional activities including giveaways, or prizes in competitions without our prior consent. We reserve the right to cancel any gift voucher that we suspect has been resold or obtained in connection with an unauthorised sales or promotional activity. All gift voucher holders must sign a legally binding photography contract with Sarah Walton Photography, before any photographic or print services will be administered. Without a signed contract, the gift voucher holder does not have the rights to any services provided by Sarah Walton Photography, and does not have the right to use the gift voucher in exchange for any photographic or print services. Sarah Walton Photography reserves the right to amend these gift voucher terms and conditions from time to time with no prior notice.


Gift vouchers towards a session; The gift voucher entitles the holder to a single photography session only and does not include prints, products, albums or digital images, unless stated otherwise on the gift voucher itself. However, the value of the voucher will be deducted from any package or product order over or above £299, should a recipient wish to purchase prints, products, digital images and/or albums over and above the value of their gift voucher. In this circumstance, the Client agrees to forfeit any and all products that may be included on the gift voucher in exchange for credit towards their order (i.e. you will not receive credit towards an order plus the products listed on the gift voucher). All items ordered will be charged at our normal rates. Packages and/or products can be selected at your viewing appointment, which will take place in our studio approximately 2 to 3 weeks after the date of your photography session. All orders are payable at the time an order is placed and cannot be cancelled or altered due to the bespoke nature of our items. Your gift voucher will be forfeited if you do not attend your appointment (session or viewing) and all print credit will also be forfeited. Rescheduling, and carrying over your gift voucher may be considered where (1) more than 48 hours notice of cancellation is given and (2) if there is a genuine reason beyond your control. Any such rescheduling and carrying-over is entirely at the sole discretion of Sarah Walton Photography.


Credit vouchers towards products; These are valid for the period of time as stated on the gift voucher (usually 3 months' from issue). This expiry date cannot be extended. Where a gift voucher provides credit towards a product (such as wall art), then this credit cannot be used on any other item, has no monetary value and is non-transferable.

Credit vouchers towards another session; These are valid for the period of time as stated on the gift voucher and can be used as credit towards any full session (does not apply to Mini Sessions, including Christmas Mini Sessions). Your credit will be deducted from your order and cannot be used to reduce the booking fee for your new session.

Discount vouchers (£50 off your order); These are valid for the period of time as stated on the gift voucher and can be used to discount packages for any full session (does not apply to Mini Sessions, including Christmas Mini Sessions). Your discount will be deducted from your order (package and/or products) and cannot be used to reduce the booking fee for your session.

Rhythm Time referral discount (half price booking fee); The referral discount is valid on booking fee's for full sessions (does not apply to Mini Sessions, including Christmas Mini Sessions). You will be entitled to a half price booking fee, which must be paid in advance of your session. You will then receive the usual full booking fee amount off your order.


Referral credit; Want to earn some credit to spend with us? Refer a friend and when they book a full session with us (does not apply to Mini Sessions, including Christmas Mini Sessions), you get £25 referral credit each time! This credit is deducted from your order when you book a full session with us and cannot be used against Mini Sessions (including Christmas Mini Sessions), wall art, prints or products. You must ask the friend that you refer to us to mention your name at the booking stage, otherwise we cannot allocate a referral fee to you.


These Terms and Conditions shall be governed and construed in accordance with the Laws of England and Wales.

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