So your session can run as smoothly as possible, I have compiled a prep guide to help you get the most out of your photo shoot!

COVID-19 update

We continue to operate in a way that is mindful of Covid-19. 

I will continue to wear a face mask throughout indoor appointments, will thoroughly wash my hands before and after appointments and use hand sanitiser when necessary. Whilst I understand that face coverings are no longer a legal requirement, I would appreciate if Client’s continue to wear a face covering or mask during indoor appointments with me for the time being. I regularly have contact with newborn babies and vulnerable adults and therefore I ask Clients to continue to wear face coverings in order to help me keep all Client’s safe as far as possible during their appointments with me. I appreciate your co-operation. 

You can find out more information on the Covid-19 procedures I have put in place here.

Booking your session

You can book in for a family or children’s outdoor session at any time of the year, but I recommend that outdoor shoots take place between the end of April and the beginning of November.

Outdoor scenery is at it’s best in Spring, Summer and Autumn. Spring (May-June) is best for capturing backgrounds full of wildflowers, whilst Autumn (October-November) is perfect for warm colours and running through leaves.

My outdoor sessions are scheduled in the evenings during Spring & Summer and during late afternoons in Autumn, this is to ensure that we have the best lighting conditions for your portraits. I do not offer outdoor shoots in the middle of the day, due to the lighting conditions not being conducive to giving us the best outcome. You can expect outdoor shoots to be scheduled for around 2-3 hours before sunset.

If you would like to include extended family in your session, that’s not a problem, please just let us know upon booking.

How long does an outdoor photography session last?

Around 1 hour to 1.5 hours.

Please try to arrive on time, as a late arrival may mean that your session will need to be shorter in order to run on time for other booked sessions. If you are running late, please message me on; 07956114916.

What should I bring to the session?

Please arrive at your session ready to start! Feel free to bring a change of clothes for children, as we may be able to do a change part way through (also handy in case their clothing becomes wet or dirty), some snacks (these can prove very useful!), as well as your usual changing bag supplies for babies/younger children. A hairbrush is also useful for long hair. Please feel free to bring one or two of the kids favourite toys along (in a bag preferably, as small children may want to cling on to them at first!).

What should we wear?

I suggest wearing neutral, well fitting clothing that you/your children are comfortable in.  Please avoid patterns, logos and prints and instead opt for plain colours and clothing (unless bright and patterned is your personal style of course!).

For Spring/Summer I suggest light and airy tones, such as white, cream, beige, tan, grey, light blue, light pink or any neutrals.

For Autumn/Winter I suggest deeper, richer tones, such as brown, navy, mustard, rust and olive.

I also suggest you avoid wearing black wherever possible – this is because the eye will be drawn to the darkest (or lightest) part of an image and therefore, away from the subjects faces. The best colour pallete is one that is of similar tones to each other, so as not to be distracting.

Although you might not generally like dressing matchy matchy as a family, for photo shoots, this actually looks great! 

For clothing inspiration for your session, please check out my Pinterest boards; 



How should I prepare the kids?

Please ensure that young children arrive to the session fresh from a nap (if applicable) and that all children are well fed. This is really important to help the session run as smoothly as possible. Children should arrive in clean clothes (or with a change of clean clothes if you intend to change them on arrival). Please ensure that any chipped nail varnish and/or temporary tattoos have been removed prior to the session (including adults!).

My advice would be to say very little to your children about your planned session! By all means, mention you are going for a photo shoot and that it’s going to be fun, but please don’t worry about telling kids that they must listen and smile, as it’s often counter-productive. The best possible thing you can do is to ensure that young children have had a good nap before their session and that all kids have something to eat beforehand.

What if the kids don’t cooperate?

It’s really important that you read this prep guide in full before your session to ensure we get the best outcome possible. It is the parent’s/guardian’s responsibility to ensure that these guidelines are followed (feeding/sleep advice etc.). 

I will always do my best to capture a lovely range of images for you, but I can only capture what I can depending on your children’s mood on the day. If I feel we have achieved a full gallery of images then I won’t offer a reshoot of your session. Any offers of a reshoot are at the sole discretion of the Photographer, are subject to availability and subject to a charge being made for additional session time.

Please ensure that young children (i.e. siblings) have had a good nap before the session and that all children are well fed. The Photographer cannot be held responsible for the co-operation (or lack thereof) of children and we highly recommmend that our guidelines are followed as closely as possible to ensure the best outcome.

How will you pose us?

I aim for a variety of poses, so you/your children may be walking, sitting or laying down, giving piggy back rides or tickling. I may ask you to sit on the ground – I always bring a blanket with me, but if it’s dry, then images look great amongst just the grass & trees. The aim is to have fun and engage with your children, to bring out their personalities.

Can I bring my extended family or friends to the session?

Only immediate family (i.e. those participating in the session) should attend the session, as having other’s there causes unnecessary distractions for children. 

Need to reschedule?

I get it, stuff happens. If you do need to reschedule your session, please let me know as soon as possible. If you need to reschedule within 48 hours of the start of your session, please contact me by calling me or sending me a text/Facebook message as I may not always be able to pick up emails at short notice. Your deposit is non-refundable, but I do allow rescheduling once within 14 days, due to genuine illness or emergency – the date of reschedule is subject to availability. If you do not arrive to your session or are more than 30 minutes late without letting me know, then you’ll need to pay a new deposit to book a new date. If you need to reschedule due to symptoms of Covid-19, then this will be dealt with on a case by case basis. You can contact me on 07956114916.

What if it’s raining on the day?

If there is on/off light drizzle forecast, then sessions will go ahead as planned, as this won’t affect the outcome of your session. If it’s pouring with rain or blowing a gale, then we will reschedule your session to a later date (within 14 days, subject to availability). Either way, I always get in touch the day before an outdoor session to confirm.

Our Sickness Policy

If you (or anyone in your party) have been feeling unwell in the days prior to your appointment, please contact me to rescedule your appointment (particularly for any indoor apoointments, such as your viewing & ordering appointment). Where an illness is viral, contagious or involves sickness and/or diarrhoea, please observe the 48 hour free from symptoms rule. We want children to be happy and comfortable, so if they are ill, they are unlikely to be at their best for their photo shoot.

Covid-19; Should you (or anyone in your party) develop Covid-19 symptoms or test positive for Covid-19 in the 7 days prior to your appointment, please contact me to reschedule your appointment (unless you have taken a lateral flow test to confirm a negative result).

When will I see my photographs?

At the end of your session we will arrange your viewing & ordering appointment to take place in approximately 2-3 weeks time and this is when you will get to see your beautifully edited and enhanced gallery of around 25 images, choose your favourites and place your order. Payment for an order is due at your viewing & ordering appointment. I always advise that all decision makers are present at the viewing & ordering appointment, as you may find you need help choosing your portraits! I also recommend that children (with the exception of babies) do not attend viewing appointments, so you can relax and choose your photographs without distractions.

When will I get my order?

Once you have placed your order, you can expect USB/Print orders to be ready for collection in approximately 3 weeks time. If you have ordered wall art or an album then these will be ready to collect in around 4-6 weeks time. 

Where is your studio?

You can find me at; First Floor, 29 Station Road, Steeton, West Yorkshire, BD20 6RL.

Please enter via the front door on Station Road and head up the stairs, where you will find my studio on your right. There is no on-site parking at the studio, but I will advise you of close-by on-street parking options before your session. Please try to arrive on time, but if you are running late, please message me on; 07956114916.

I’m looking forward to meeting you all and as always, if you have any questions, please just ask!