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Newborn Baby Photography Sessions: A look behind the scenes

Award-Winning Newborn Photographer in Yorkshire

Do you ever wish you could freeze time?

If you are a mum-to-be or have just welcomed your little one into the World, then you probably know exactly what I’m talking about! When my daughter was first born, I wanted to drink in every moment with her and savour each and every cuddle with my tiny newborn baby. The first year for me was full of “I wish this could last forever” moments, she grew and changed so quickly and before I knew it my dinky baby was smiling and babbling…and on the move!

The newborn stage lasts for such a short time that it really does pass by in a blur of nappies, feeding and getting to grips with the new little person in your life (and the sleepless nights!). This time passes so quickly and all of a sudden, you’ll wonder where your tiny newborn went. 

This is why I love being a newborn baby photographer: I can freeze time and give your family memories to keep forever. 

Imagine looking back on your photographs in years to come, when your little one isn’t so little anymore – how they will love to see what they looked like when they’d not long entered the World and how loved they’ve always been.


When it comes to newborns, creating those overwhelmingly cute and beautiful photographs you can’t help but love takes more than technical skills.

Those are obviously essential, but there is much more to it.

Being able to “read” your little one and immediately adapt my workflow to his/ her needs (what’s called a “baby-led” session) is as important. 

Also, ensuring that yours is the only session booked for the day allows plenty of time for feeding, comforting and… snuggles!

Newborn Baby Photographer Yorkshire | Baby Photography Sessions


Before we even attempt to take photos, we must ensure that baby is relaxed, safe and happy.

The best to way to encourage a baby to settle is for us to feed them when you arrive at my studio. 

Nothing better than a nice, full tummy, when it comes to falling asleep!

Once baby has finished feeding and they’re nice and relaxed, the first thing I do is to take baby over to my posing table and start to get them acclimatised to their new surroundings. 

I usually start by sitting baby up on my posing table in the burping position (with my hand fully supporting their head), quite often they like to have a bit of a kick around at this point for a few minutes before drifting off to sleep.

I use a number of settling techniques to encourage babies to be relaxed and fall asleep, but of course sometimes, babies might still be wide awake after their feed.

That’s a perfect example of why we talk about baby-led sessions!

If that’s the case, I usually start by laying baby on my posing table and getting some beautiful wide-awake shots that focus on their eyes and expressions.

From this point we work on some poses on my posing table, following your baby’s lead when it comes to poses.

My philosophy is that all poses are gorgeous and whilst I always try to capture poses you may particularly like, I will never force your little one into poses they are not naturally happy to settle into.

Newborn Baby Photography Yorkshire | Skipton | Keighley | Ilkley | Bingley


After my posing table, it’s normally time to move onto wrapping baby (in long pieces of material). 

Newborns love to be wrapped up, it helps to soothe and relax them and I often find this is their most settled period during their time with me. 

The first wapped pose we usually do is on one of my big fluffy rugs, maybe I’ll grab a little teddy for your baby to hold if this is something you like – I personally think they’re adorable!

After this, if baby is happy and relaxed, we’ll introduce some gorgeous props: little beds, buckets and baskets. 

There are also various backgrounds we can use, depending on whether you like light, neutral colours or dark, rustic colours (or perhaps you like pastels or brights!).

When I’m posing baby on my fluffy rug and in props, I always ask a parent to come and sit next to baby: this is to ensure their safety throughout. Baby’s can still flinch, even when wrapped, so it’s important that you or your partner are close-by to watch baby at all times.

Newborn Baby Photographer Yorkshire | Skipton | Keighley | Ilkley | Bingley


At the start of your session, we’ll take time to discuss the styling of your setups, colours you like (or dislike!) and where you envision your images to be displayed.

A particular wall, or room? Modern or rustic wall art?

Now, if you are thinking “I really have no idea”… fear not! 

This is what I am here for! Part of my job is to guide you and help you make the best choices, so together we can create a gallery of images with a lovely balance of colour tones that will work in your home.


Do you have other children? Great! Parent and sibling poses are included in all my newborn sessions.

I recommend that siblings arrive towards the end of your session with your partner or a family member: newborn sessions can be long and boring for small children and children tend to be much more focussed and ready to join in if they arrive near to the end of the session.

Your session is also the perfect opportunity to get some beautiful family images, as let’s face it, the opportunities for good family images will be very few and far between in the next few months!

Already dreading the idea of being photographed?

Don’t worry, there are many creative ways of including you and your partner on your images.

Newborn Baby Photography Yorkshire | Skipton | Keighley | Ilkley | Bingley

Ahead of the session I can also guide you on choosing your clothing for your photographs. And if you’re still not sure or just don’t like anything you have… no worries!

I have a range of dresses at my studio for both adults and children, so we can always pick something from my collection for you to wear.


Of course, the best part of any session is… seeing the photos of your gorgeous little baby!

For us, this will happen at your viewing and ordering appointment – which normally takes place around 2 weeks after your session.

Here you can view your beautifully edited and enhanced images, select your package and choose from our stunning wall art options.

I have a gorgeous range of products to choose from, whether you like modern, classic, vintage or rustic styling, so I’m sure we will have options to suit your home.

Just so you know – I never charge a session fee.

I only ask for a deposit to be paid to secure your session, which is then deducted from your order. 

There’s never an obligation to make a purchase and you don’t need to decide on which package or products you’d like until you see your images at your viewing appointment.

Are you looking for a Newborn photographer in Yorkshire or do you want to find out more about me and my Newborn Photography Sessions? 👇


Newborn Baby Photographer Yorkshire | Baby Photo Shoots


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